Our work
Our Work


We are developing an in-space manufactured (ISM) modular rover. In the construction of extraterrestrial bases, the support of powerful rovers is indispensable for material procurement, transport and other tasks. One problem here is the maintenance of such systems. The delivery of spare parts is associated with immense costs and therefore does not make sense.

For this reason, rovers are designed with redundancy according to the current state of the art and are thus extremely fail-safe, but also inefficient. This causes a sharp increase in the cost and weight of such a rover. We provide the solution for operating a more efficient and cost-effective rover fleet through automated production processes using ISRU-derived resources.

Our system is designed to be additively manufactured on site. This reduces launch costs to a few electrical components and the production line. In addition, spare parts can be printed and installed on site. This allows us to put a heavier load on our rovers and eliminate redundancy.
The aim of recyclability, together with the use of ISRU-derived materials, enables us to use resources sustainably while reducing costs as well as development and production times.
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