About Us
We are revolutionizing material usage and manufacturing processes on extraterrestrial bodies to enable self-sustainable colonies.

The story of Finite Space began in northern Germany. Both Pascal and Tobi grew up in Schleswig-Holstein before they moved to Bremen for their studies where they met Rabia. While still studying for their master's degree, they decided to set up their own company. In 2022, they had the idea of Finite Space, a project that aims to revolutionize the use of resources on extraterrestrial bodies and from which a company is to be founded one day.

People often talk about the infinite expanse of the universe. But infinite also means that most of the objects in the universe are unreachably far away for us. The long-term habitable celestial bodies within our reach can be counted on one hand. Using the Earth as an example, we can see how quickly the initially seemingly endless resources can be used up. We want to learn from the mistakes of the past and deal more consciously with the possibilities that open up to us.

Finite Space deals with the limited availability of valuable resources even before they are almost exhausted. In this way, we make a decisive contribution to the sustainable colonization of other celestial bodies. Automated production processes on site with systems designed for reusability ensure cost reduction and maximum efficiency in the use of resources.

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